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Sirius e reduces the number of steps in the complex process of returning multiple items from a construction site.

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Asset Management made easy using Sirius e Rental Software

Sirius e is the leading rental software in asset management and rental billing for the scaffolding industry. Sirius-e’s Microsoft Windows® based software will provide accurate inventory, rental billing, multi-user functionality and many other features for the scaffold industry. From large enterprises to the smallest scaffolding companies, Sirius-e offers the best software solutions.


Sirius e offers a unique series of features to manage scaffolding equipment. We developed specific features to efficiently manage the multiple shipments and returns for on-site construction, allowing you to control the equipment used during the construction and invoice your customers accurately with one single invoice.


Sirius e reduces the number of steps in the complex process of returning multiple items from a construction site. With these features and more you can always show concise and accurate data for all of your projects.

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Innovative Solutions Adapted to Your Needs

Orion Software offers cutting-edge solutions tailored for the construction industry. Our innovative tools streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and empower project management. From seamless equipment rentals to advanced project tracking, we deliver technology that drives success.

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We Value Efficiency

When developing our solutions we always keep efficiency at the top of our priorities. Our goal is to organize information using user-friendly screens and reporting methods that bring efficiency to your business.

  • Efficiently manage all your inventory availability.
  • Access the location and availability of any inventory item at any time.
  • Monitor pick-ups and returns.
  • Inventory maintenance features help prevent against costly repairs.
  • Picture integration of customers and scaffolding equipment.
  • Professionally invoice and automate price and interest calculations.
  • Eliminate manual form entries.
  • Track customer credit limits and accounts receivable.
  • Access detailed customer rental and equipment availability.
  • Track maintenance, repairs and depreciation for all your scaffolding equipment.
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A Fully Integrated Comprehensive Solution

Sirius e is loaded with features that we design to match exactly the needs of your business.

The CRM module manages all aspects of your customer relationships.

Our Multi-location module will instantly connect you to multiple branch offices or warehouses.

Our distribution module is an integrated solution for users reselling equipment, engaging in sub-rentals or transferring equipment between branches.

Preventive Maintenance
Increase your equipment usage and reduce downtime with the Preventive Maintenance module. Preventive Maintenance enables you to manage equipment maintenance schedules, assign and track staffing, automatically create itemized work orders and maintain a detailed history of all maintenance activities.

Portal Website and Integrated
The portal and the website of Sirius e is a fully integrated e Sirius module. Your preferred customers, employees and the public can access information in real time.

Management Services
The service management module is an integrated solution for managing all services effectively. You can manage your deliveries and pickups, and more staff.

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Sirius e stands out from our competition

Our solutions are designed to be efficient across all aspects of your business

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Document management. A series of functions to provide a paperless environment were introduced.

Our Mobile App. is designed to facilitate the day to day tasks of the logistics users in the field.

The Web cart was pushed to another level with a series of new process functions.

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