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Rental options made easy.

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A Complete Rental Software with Integral Features

Our Web cart can be used as your main web site for your preferred customers or for your salesforce to check availability and reserve equipment.

The rental cart is a prepackaged web site with a complete list of options that manage the type of integration between our back office rental platform and the web cart. Everything is done in real time with availability and pricing specific to each customer as if the transaction would be done in Sirius e itself.

Our solution is based on Magento open source offering complete flexibility in term of templates and the look and feel. Each web cart is special for each client. It’s an extremely affordable solution for a great results!

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We can help

Efficiency Experts: Your Business Partners

Our team of experts at Orion Software is dedicated to optimizing your business's efficiency. With deep industry knowledge related to rental software and technological prowess, we collaborate closely with you to understand your unique needs and challenges. Leveraging our expertise, we tailor innovative solutions that streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive growth. Let our experts guide you towards achieving greater efficiency and success in your construction business

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