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Sirius ERP

The best solution for your business.

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Sirius ERP All-in-one Cloud Business Solution

Sirius ERP is the top choice for organizations aiming to enhance effectiveness and efficiency. With its comprehensive range of applications, Sirius ERP automates essential processes and delivers real-time insights into operational and financial performance. Covering key areas such as accounting, order processing, inventory management, and supply chain operations, Sirius ERP streamlines your business processes, providing clear visibility into data and fostering tighter control over your organization.

At Orion Software, we value efficiency through a complete ERP rental software. That's why we've developed Sirius ERP to help you optimize resources and maximize efficiency in every aspect of your business. With Sirius ERP, you can streamline processes, reduce manual tasks, and make better-informed decisions to drive growth and success.

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Automation of Transactions

  • Accounts Payable Aging and automated supplier payments
  • Interest charges
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Closing process per day

Enterprise Level Accounting Solutions

  • Customer Portal (Online payments, print invoice, statement of account, etc...)
  • Multi-currency
  • Supplier: PO reception to create supplier invoices or select GL accounts
  • Manage supplier discounts such as 2/10, net 30
  • Multi-currency

Powerful Analytical Tools

  • Track inventory and set reorder purchases
  • Collection dashboard to send Statement of Accounts electronically to multiple contacts simultaneously and collection reminders
  • Financial statement analysis with pivot tables

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Implementation as easy as it gets

Migration Made Easy: transfer years of historical data to ease the transition

If you need to integrate, our solutions includes a fully functional Utility program and API based on SOAP or Restful Web services. You can integrate our cloud solutions with your accounting software on premise or let Orion Software manage your full solution.


Proven Methodology


Accountant Support

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Minimize Transition Risks

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We can help

Efficiency Experts: Your Business Partners

Our team of experts at Orion Software is dedicated to optimizing your business's efficiency. With deep industry knowledge and technological prowess, we collaborate closely with you to understand your unique needs and challenges. Leveraging our expertise, we tailor innovative solutions that streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive growth. Let our experts guide you towards achieving greater efficiency and success in your construction business

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