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Get The Most Powerful Rental Platform to Transform your Business

Secure Cloud + Simplicity + Mobility + Paperless + Scalable

Go Paperless with the Most Complete Rental Software of the Industry

With an intuitive set of options and useful elements, Sirius-e is easy to customize and adapt to your specific business needs. 

Accelerate growth with our Rental Management Platform

Fully Mobile + Totally Scalable + Completely Paperless

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Innovative Solutions Adapted to Your Needs

Orion Software offers cutting-edge solutions tailored for the construction industry. Our innovative tools streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and empower project management. From seamless equipment rentals to advanced project tracking, we deliver technology that drives success.

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Solutions designed specifically for the needs of the rental industry.

Orion Software is dedicated to developing solutions designed specifically for the needs of the rental industry with the complete functions of an ERP. For over 30 years, Orion has listened to the rental industry and met the demands for new solutions, connected online and mobile. Sirius-e, its flagship product, has evolved into the leading rental and inventory management software that is powerful, integrated and easy to use. Orion Software develops and supports full-feature software applications that manage the whole range of the rental business process including the sales and related field services.

We earned the trust of more than 1000 clients worldwide. We’ve created the platform that will help your company get better results, guaranteed.

Orion Software’s renowned product, Sirius has won numerous awards and gained world-wide industry recognition. With over 1,000 satisfied customers, Sirius is a reliable and efficient rental and inventory management software that can connect your business to internet.


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The Most Simplified Process Ever Delivered to the Rental Market

Sirius Enterprise will give you the most simplified process ever delivered to the rental market. Whether you are a medium or a large rental operation, our team has the expertise to deliver complete rental solutions in the cloud or on premise.
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Our solutions are designed to be efficient across all aspects of your business

No matter what industry you're in, we understand that you value the importance of speed, accuracy, and real-time updates for your inventory.

Manage rental & sales operations
Whether you’re managing a large or a smaller business, Orion Software provides proven solutions to rental pricing, availability of equipment and transport complexity.

Enhance customer satisfaction
At Orion Software, we focus on fast and precise responses by proving simple graphical tools to present highly professional proposals and contracts to your customers.

Grow your business
At Orion Software, we strongly believe that an integrated CRM is a key foundation for growing your business.

Improve reliability
Our expertise in maintenance, dispatching, and complex transport problems is key to allowing you to smooth your operations and make it reliable for your customers.

ERP solutions
Orion Software has invested in ERP integration for years and developed complete wall to wall solutions for the sophisticated management of your profitability.

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Our solutions help thousands of company aroundthe world to maximize their investments with our solutions.

Orion Software's customer support is first class.

Mike and Corne Crisler
Neighborhood Rental Inc.

Had I known how easy managing a rental business with Sirius would be, I would have opened one years ago!

Jean-Marc Hamelin
Valterie Rental

Over the last we have had 4 different rental management systems, none with the power, accuracy speed, and ease of use of Sirius e

Don Lombardi
Abacus Rent It
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