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Orion Software is launching a complete innovative dispatching center fully integrated to Sirius-e

Orion Software is launching a complete innovative dispatching center fully integrated to Sirius-e

MONTREAL, Dec. 3rd, 2015 — Orion Software, a leading provider of software solutions for the rental industry, announced the launch of a complete innovative Dispatching center fully integrated to Sirius-e.

The dispatching center is available for all business sizes as it does not require investment in expensive GPS devices and a complex set-up. It is readily available for all Sirius e mobile App users. Most of the solution in the market requires installing a GPS device in the fleet in order to have access to the geolocation of the delivery resources. With the Sirius e solution, you only need cell phones!

The drivers are simply connecting to the Mobile App to see their route plan for the day. As soon as they connect, the dispatcher can see them on the dispatching map in real-time. The drivers can choose any trucks in the fleet. This allows users to add instantly a rented truck or third party delivery companies to the dispatching center in minutes.

The dispatcher has his all resources available and the requests for shipment on a map. He/she can simply drag and drop the requests to assign them. Then, he/she can test the route plan to get the most efficient routes and push notifications to the drivers.

Patrice Boivin, President and CEO of Orion Software says, “This dispatching solution resolves a long time problem with existing solutions. The reality in the rental market is very different than the regular distribution. During the peak period, rental companies are renting additional trucks, hiring third party trucking companies and their solution becomes nonoperational as it’s incomplete. Not anymore with the Sirius e dispatching solution. At all time, the dispatcher can see all the trucks available and react quickly with real-time position”.


Located in Montreal, Canada, and with a subsidiary in Melbourne, Australia, Orion Software is dedicated to developing solutions designed specifically for the needs of the rental industry. For over 25 years, Orion has listened to the rental industry and met the demands for new solutions. Sirius-e, its flagship product, has evolved into the leading hire, rental and inventory management software that is powerful, integrated and easy to use. Orion Software develops and supports a full-feature software application that manages the whole range of the rental business process.

Alain Dionne, Orion Marketing
514 484-9661 ext. 250

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